What is Gothic Cowboy? Gothic Cowboy is a coming of age romantic comedy. Dex (our lead) and his group of friends are into goth/industrial music, comics, video games, sci-fi movies and drugs. Aren't we all? Dex's life is turned upside down when he meets Julia. Julia is into country music... HA!!! there in lies the comedy... hoooo... comic genius...heh heh... phew... needless to say, Dex must make the decision between popular cultures trappings and a serious relationship. Oh yeah... and there are plenty of dick and fart jokes thrown in for good measure... er?




Sandwich Shop Scene
Cavaliers Scene

Cast Of Characters



Gothic Cowboy

Romantic Comedy

Jeromy Cox

Lance HaunRogue

Shot on DV with a Canon GL1

90 minutes

Spring-Summer 2003

San Diego

October 2003


Dex - Ian Hannin
Julia - Julia Sage
Kirk - Lance Pualani
Grant - Ron Wilson
Celia - Audrie Abernathy
Elliot - Steve Kim
Shannon - Shannon Stone
Donna - Gina Anaya
Margaret - Torrea Snow
Brian - Anthony Bozzi

Trianna - Vanessa Lemen
Brick - Arturo Aguirre
Weed - Cody Goodfellow
- Martin Darland
Betsy - Marie Pizarro

Goth DJ's
DJ Creep

Goth Extras

Richard Hobbs
(More to be announced)

Western Extras
Carlos Vasquez
Tom Bleakley
Jaysin Matthews
(More to be announced)

Goth Dancers
(More to be announced)

Western Dancers
(More to be announced)

(Frequently Asked Questions)

How much will I be paid?
Sorry, no money. The budget doesn't allow.

Who is this Jeromy Cox guy?
Third generation San Diegan who's worked in Animation/Video Games/Comic Books. Three time Eisner Nominee for comic book coloring. Tall... red hair... wookie like...

What's the budget for the film?
Ten dollars less than cheap.

Does the film make fun of the Goth lifestyle?
Nope.. this film makes fun of 25-30 year old guys that haven't matured past comics and video games and the other things that keep them from growing up.

Are you only looking for beautiful people?
Only if I'm planning on failing. I want all types of people.. besides.. wasn't it Christina Aguilera that said "You are beautiful.. no matter what they say.. cuz words can't bring you down?" ha....

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